VEX Challenge

We'll be participating in the 2022 VEX IQ Challenge. Students will design, build, and program small robots using the VEX construction system. These robots will have both a remote control and an autonomous capability that your students will craft to address the 3 components of the competition:

  • 2x2 direct competition - two teams will form a temporary alliance to get as many points as possible on the field. Two students on each team will drive the robot with the RC controller they have programmed.

  • Driver skills competition - a driver from each team will navigate their robot through a skills course competing for the best time.

  • Autonomous competition - hands off, the robot is on its own to complete as many tasks as possible in the given time, using its sensors and the team's brilliant code!

These competitions are fun and exciting, like a sports event, and are a great way to engage everyone in STEM education.